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Pharmceutical Rep eDetails
I work with several pharmaceutical agencies helping them transition their marketing materials from traditional print publications to online, tradeshow, and app delivery. They also typically need printed "road maps" for the rep to present the material from and also other support materials to educate the rep as well as the physician on the new eDetail's feattures.

3-D Video Microscopes
This website design needed to demonstrate the power of the client's 3-D video microscope in an interactive and easy-to-use manner. By incorporating a variety of industry images in the masthead, visitors can scroll over the images to see comparison views of the object. By clicking on the object they get a popup window showing the microscope's unique ability to maneuver around an object.

iPad Apps and Web Site Utilities
I've worked with several corporate clients to develop their own apps. The first challlenge was to get them to think beyond a traditional brochure - which would be rejected by the iTunes store. The app must have a value to the end user. To accomplish that we put together payback analysis calculators and other services within the apps - and then added the marketing messages.
Martech Systems
This website design was for a engineering firm and needed to be easy to navigate and maintain so they could easily update and add content as needed. The site has popup "fact" screens throughout to help engage the visitor to draw them deeper into the site.


Various Interactive Game Websites
These are the initial designs for various Interactive Game websites that I had designed and programmed. Many of the sites were short-lived depending on the popularity of the game but some are still live (with client updates). Many site launches also included designs for banner ad, and html email promotions as well.

Current live sites: www.civ3.com
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Various Corporate Websites
These are several corporate websites that I've designed and programmed while partnering with various other print-only ad agencies. Some clients need only my design services, some only programming, and some hire me for the full site launch and maintenance.
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Electronic Newsletter and html emails
These are a few of the html newsletter and email designs that I've designed and programmed. In most cases, the electronic component was part of a larger campaign that included print materials as well. Being able to create both the print and electronic components, I am able to help clients eliminate the need for two vendors on a campaign - which streamlines production and helps budgets go farther.
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Like what you've seen but want to see more?
No problem. A lot of my work is for new company and product launches so I'm not able to post samples until they are public. If you like what you've seen but want to see more please tell me the type of project you're interested in and I'll send you some more samples - your next marketing solution is really that easy.

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The work shown on this website represents concepts and designs that I had created either while working full-time at an agency or freelancing.
I am conveniently based in Harleysville, PA with easy access to Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey and New York.