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Portfolio : Print Ads
Malpractice Insurance for NJ Doctors print ad concepts
These ad concepts were for an initial new client pitch. My assignment was to present several different approaches to see what areas of their product and audience would generate the client's interest. These initial concepts were based on the agency input about the client's unique offering - such as: they work only in NJ, they are one of the only Malpractice Insurance companies owned by doctors, and they offered incentive plans for practices that follow simple error-prevention protocols (ex. typing Rx orders). Here are some of the initial concepts:
6 4 2 5 1 3
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Credit Union print ads & branch signage.
These inbranch signs were for a local Credit Union to build on their position statement: "Bank where you own the place". Picking up on that theme, I developed these ads to focus on their members' unique personalities/careers to show the diverse mix of Credit Union members and to stress the unique aspect of a Credit Union experience - everyone is an owner.
1 2 3 4"
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Municipal Water Monitoring Systems print ad concepts.
These initial ad concepts were for an agency presentation to a municipal water-monitoring system manufacturer. The focus of the ads were to highlight several strengths that the vendor had over their completion - reliability, experience, and their system's ability to be placed underground as opposed to sending a man in the sewer - as the competition's system required. Here are some of the initial concepts I had presented:
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IBM Print Ads for the Construction Industry.
These 2-color print ads ran as part of a software-hardware solutions campaign aimed at the construction industry. The concept was to present a contractor's finance software as another tool in their "tool box". The campaign also included direct mail.
C.F. Martin Guitar Strings print ads
These print ad concepts were to help launch a new treated acoustic guitar string for the legendary company. The client hired me to help with the new marketing materials and these ads were the first step in the products launch. The new coating would help fight corrosion which would allow the string to be played for a longer time with no loss to sound quality or feel.

Some of the other concepts presented are below:
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Like what you've seen but want to see more?
No problem. A lot of my work is for new company and product launches so I'm not able to post samples until they are public. If you like what you've seen but want to see more please tell me the type of project you're interested in and I'll send you some more samples - your next marketing solution is really that easy.

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The work shown on this website represents concepts and designs that I had created either while working full-time at an agency or freelancing.
I am conveniently based in Harleysville, PA with easy access to Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey and New York.